2 03 2012

thank you for visiting the online portfolio of chad beatty. please take a moment to review samples of my work and contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.

chadbeattydesign@gmail.com         ph: 563.299.6453

1503 rochester ave. apt #2, iowa city, ia


bfa show

11 05 2010

my art show went very well; thanks for coming out and supporting me! i think we had about 60 people come into the show. the staff at ginsberg jewelers said it was one of the biggest receptions they have ever had. it was a lot of fun and something i will never forget! not all of my art was on display at my show, but if anyone would like to see more, i’d be more than happy to show you.

special thanks to: my mom and dad, and michelle, mark and laura harreld for always being there and giving me added confidence in myself and my abilities; both sides of my families for giving their endless support on and off the mat; my friends for putting up with me through everything; and to the driving force behind all my art work, my classmates and teachers for all their motivation and knowledge. thank you!!

design show

19 02 2010

6 bfa candidates, myself and 5 others, were asked to participate in an art show to display our 3dimensional light fixtures in fairfield, ia. these light fixtures were all made with a 3dimensional printer and computer software. my goal was to design something that concealed the light source as much as possible, but still allowed the light to shine through.